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Our New Charter Boat!
A 6-Pack Charter Fishing Boat
We have just acquired the latest addition to our charter fleet - a beautiful 37' twin-diesel Topaz.
This boat will have:
- Full bunk accomodations for 6 passengers - for overnight trips to the islands & offshore banks, multi-day trips, etc.
- Full galley for those hot meals on-board.
- Full bathroom with shower (more comfort for everyone, especially the ladies).
- Entertainment center with TV set and DVD. Now you can watch a DVD or TV while traveling, while chumming sharks, etc.
- Huge fishing cockpit - the largest of any production boat under 40'. LOTS of fishing space.

Prices are very reasonable. Call us at 714-893-7743 to discuss, ask questions, or book a trip.

Sportfishing Atlas
Southern California Edition
With over 700 fishing locations and 1000 GPS coordinates packed into 16 spiral bound pages of the finest fishing charts ever made for Southern California waters, this atlas is a must-have for the fishing and boating enthusiast. The atlas is designed in the same proportions as our popular laminated charts, yet contains 16 full color charts printed on the same waterproof, tear-resistant synthetic paper that has made our folded charts a staple in tackle shops and tackle boxes alike. Featured are all of our current Southern California Series of charts, as well as eight new charts that are making their debut in the atlas. All charts are designed by local fishermen utilizing the very latest in mapping technology, while consulting with leading experts in the sportfishing industry to ensure accurate information. The result is a precise and useful tool that gives the ability to not only pinpoint popular fishing spots, but also find new spots with our unique hard-bottom and kelp bed information. All of our spatial information comes from leading scientific government sources, ensuring that our maps are more detailed and cutting edge than any chart out there, including NOAA charts found in chart plotters. Check out the following pages and you’ll agree!

Odor Off Hand Soap
Get the Stink Off!
The greatest product we have seen for removing fish smells, chum smells, etc. from your hands. Use it at the end of the fishing day, before eating your lunch, etc.
Check out all the details under our Hand Cleaners catagory. You'll be amazed!